Mass notification design requires a thorough understanding of the relevant codes and the client’s needs to ensure the system achieves the required capability for the specific application in a reliable manner. Emergency communications systems (ECS) encompass both fire emergency voice alarm communications systems (EVACS) and mass notification systems (MNS).

The designs for these systems differ in that for fire EVACS the system must meet a prescribed set of requirements as outlined in NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code®. Mass notification systems on the other hand generally require a performance based design approach involving a risk analysis. The established risk for a fire EVACS is obviously fire, a singular risk. Alternatively, a MNS must be integrated into an emergency response plan to be utilized for multiple risks such as weather emergencies, shooter on campus or other risks as determined by the stakeholders who will be responsible for implementing emergency procedures.

Our engineers meet with the stakeholders to establish a risk analysis matrix to determine the scope of the mass notification system (MNS) design and how it will be incorporated into the emergency response plan (ERP).