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We are experts within the healthcare industry and provide comprehensive assistance to all types of healthcare facilities in assessing and addressing their fire and life safety issues. Throughout the entire healthcare environment, fire protection systems and other life safety features are vital to ensuring those individuals who are placed under a facility’s care are protected during an emergency. The vast majority of healthcare facilities operate under a protect or defend in place methodology because the patient population is not capable of self-preservation.
Facilities must ensure that smoke barriers, fire barriers, fire alarm systems, fire suppression systems, and means of egress are all operational and able to serve patients, staff, and visitors.

AL-JAZIRAH has saved our clients millions of dollars in value engineering projects for numerous industrial and manufacturing facilities. Our industrial related projects have provided high quality solutions that meet current standard of care requirements and insurer guidelines while optimizing the owner or manufacturers investment. We often can develop scale-able solutions that save money over the long term.

AL-JAZIRAH provides fire protection engineering and code consulting for hospitality and entertainment venues to meet aesthetic, functional, safety, and cost-effectiveness goals. The hospitality is converging at a rapid pace as people desire venues that can provide multiple activities.
These venues often have mixed uses including restaurants, lounges, shopping, retail, and lodging with its related uses – guestrooms and suites, pools, spas, exercise, and both indoor and outdoor recreation. All of these facilities require back of house areas to support the guests and employees.

AL-JAZIRAH understands the importance of providing safe and secure schools and campuses for students, faculty, and staff. We help facility managers maximize system efficiencies and achieve compliance with applicable codes and standards.

AL-JAZIRAH supports fire protection and life safety for transportation facilities by helping operators of airports, rail and road vehicle facilities, and marine facilities and vessels to ensure fire and life safety systems are designed properly to reduce the threat to life, property and the environment.
AL-JAZIRAH provides specialized fire safety engineering for all aspects of railway and public transit systems. Our specialized knowledge of the unique fire protection and life safety challenges encountered in rail stations and tunnels allows us to provide comprehensive solutions to your rail and transit needs.